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We're more than a builder—we're your business partner.

How We Work


For opportunities that are not yet well-defined, or that have uncertain timelines, retain our experts on a consulting basis to get your questions answered quickly.

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Project Delivery

The Mortenson team provides Integrated Project Delivery using a variety of contracting methods. See which approach will work best for you.

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Facility Management

Find out what time and money you could free up from your existing assets. We provide online tools, electronic plan rooms, and contract teams to both assess and manage your facilities.

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Our Expertise

No matter what the project for which you engage with us, our expertise is shared across the company to fulfill our mission: providing our customers an exceptional experience.


Our Development team delivers financing, site selection, permitting, entitlements—everything you need to get a project on its way.


Our Virtual Design and Construction process and Building Information Modeling enables better designs and reduces the time and cost of construction.

Real Estate & Facility Asset Optimization

Make smarter decisions. We help you eliminate unnecessary expenses and uncover hidden gems across your built environment.


Better. Faster. Smarter. We utilize a variety of off-site manufacturing techniques to improve quality and compress schedules.

Design Phase Management

Early engagement with your building team is key to making your project a success. Benefit from our ability to focus the Preconstruction team well beyond budget and schedule.

Building Performance + Sustainability

LEED is only the beginning. Our experts find cost savings from energy reduction techniques and renewable generation that will position your organization for the next generation.


"Zero Injuries" - there is no better way to describe what is possible with Mortenson.

Project Technology

Mortenson's leading-edge construction technology delivers better project outcomes and ensures better communication.

Laser Scanning

Reality capture brings exponential value to your project, whatever the scope. Learn how we can quickly provide detailed information critical to success.

Lean Innovation

Get the results you want with no wasted effort by aligning every project participant, from the executive suite to craft on the job site. Our approach to integrated project delivery leads the way.

SMWBE Participation

For decades, we have been a leader in SMWBE participation, facilitating win-win opportunities for owners and our trade partners.

Employee + Community Engagement

We are committed to the well-being of the communities in which we build and the team members engaged on our projects. They know it, and they show it, through enthusiastic project support.

Building structures and facilities for the advancement of modern society.®

Business Strategy

Does your built environment reflect your organization's purpose and mission?
Are your facilities driving exceptional business results? 
Align your facilities with your business strategies—making your built environment a catalyst for growth and change. Get in touch with us before your strategic planning or facilities assessments. This is how game-changing projects begin!

Development, Planning and Design

Projects that transform organizations are never simple or easy. 
They require the very best planning, design, financing and partnering. Engage our teams to set your project on the path to success, no matter what obstacles lie along the way.

Building what's next.®


Game-changing strategies require flawless execution. Today's competitive environment requires
unshakable focus on delivery and radical innovation in how structures and facilities are built.
Is your builder on the leading edge? 
We deliver the most complex construction projects with cost and schedule certainty. We do this through the leadership of integrated A/E/C project teams (regardless of contracting method), by using the most advanced technology tools in the industry including VDC/BIM, and by self-performing the most critical tasks. All while providing unprecedented communication and transparency with you, the owner. Build with us and rest easy.

Building what's next.®

Optimization Of Real Estate and Facility Assets

Are your assets performing at peak? Does your executive team have visibility into your portfolio
of buildings, leases and operating costs? Does your facility team have tools they can actually
use to manage your facilities and costs?