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Real Estate and Facility Asset Optimization

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The assessment completed by Mortenson was essential...
It proved that trying to enclose or use the structure would be too costly without guarantee of payback.

John Fox, Sr. Manager of Global Sourcing & Construction,
Covance Laboratories
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Continuous Improvement

Mike McCoy, former president of Korry Electronics, shares his Lean journey

Avoid Unexpected Costs of Automation

Avoid Unexpected Costs of Automation

Assessment findings protected a capital plan from a 300% overrun

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Ensuring a Smooth Integration Process

Avoid financial surprises that come with M+A

Food Processing Company Acquires California Money Pits

High Energy Costs in California

Facility analysis showed the path forward for reducing OpEx with renewable energy solutions


Get the answers you need to understand the best path forward. We provide more than information - we provide actionable insight that enables you to unlock hidden value in your real estate and facility assets. 

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